Producing summary

As a Producer (in Czech hierarchy the highest position within the TV project) I established several successful (#1 in ratings) primetime TV programs. For example, which is a Czech answer to popularity of CSI series, or recent Czech version of legendary game show free casino games Among others I worked also on the most popular Czech sitcom of all times choctaw casino oklahoma. During my tenure in the largest Czech TV station asbury park casino I have also produced live broadcasting and TV magazines. As a Creative Producer for the same sompany I was responsible for TV series development.

In 2015 I oversaw local production in PRO TV (#1 TV station in Romania).

I also held a position of Head of Development in Dawson Productions. I led and managed the development department with the main emphasis on developing feature movies with international co-production strategy.

One of my greatest achievements outside TV is that I have successfully co-founded and led as a General Manager the international cultural centre MeetFactory, which is now integral and known part of not only Czech but also European art scene.

I have been in charge of production of number of high budget commercials (mainly with Dawson Productions). Among my experience I can also count producing of large number of Czech and foreign short films. I have also been responsible for managing non-profit broad based campaign „To vote is sexy“.

During my studies I have demonstrated experience with managing festival production. I have been involved with International Film Festival – Karlovy Vary, FAMUfest Festival and Prague Fashion Week.


BOSSINI MOVE ON N’BEYOND, campaign, Follow Film Prague

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?, TV game show, 13 episodes, CET 21 spol. s r.o. (various directors)

FERMA VEDETELOR, TV reality show, 60 episodes, PRO TV SA (various directors)

POLICE UNIT PRAGUE IV, TV series, 13 episodes, CET 21 spol. s r.o. (various directors)

GAS STATION, TV series, dvelopment + pilot, CET 21 spol. s r.o. (various directors)

THE COLLEGE , TV series, 64 episodes, CET 21 spol. s r.o. (various directors)

OUR TRADITIONS, documentary series, 10 episodes, FRMOL/Czech TV (various directors)

10 RULES, feature film, development, Dawson Productions (dir. Karel Janak)

JOHANNA’S SON (NL – CZ – UK), feature film, development, Dawson Productions (dir. Martin Krejci)

FERRARI DINO GIRL (CZ – AUS), feature film, development, Dawson Productions (dir. Tomas Masin)

VILLA FABER, TV movie and TV series, MediaPro Pictures (dir. Radek Bajgar/Ivan Pokorny)

ROMAN AND JULIET, TV series, development, MediaProPictures

GOLDEN SPRING PHARMACY, TV series, development, MediaPro Pictures

COMEBACK, TV series, 51 episodes, CET 21 (various directors)

HELENA, sitcom pilot, CET 21 (dir. Jan Novak)

TyTy 2007, live broadcasted show, CET 21 (dir. Jiri Adamec)

ESO, TV magazine, CET 21 (various directors)

CHERCHE LA FAIM, short, FAMU (dir. Daniel Kupsovsky)

J.A.V., short, FAMU (dir. Radek Tuma)

V BARVACH CHOROBNYCH, short, FAMU (dir. Dalibor Fencl)

TO VOTE IS SEXY, TV and cinema non profit campaign, Mowshe (dir. Marek Najbrt, Michaela Pavlatova, Ivan Zacharias)

ALLEGRO, short, FAMU (dir. Jan V. Sacher)

SICKNESS, short, FAMU (dir. Reese Nanavati)

AFFECT, short, FAMU (dir. Tyler Coburn)

HAPPY TURTLES, short, FAMU (dir. Chris Golio)

SEVEN YEARS, short, FAMU (dir. Corey Eisenstein)

AND HE LIVED AGAIN, short, FAMU (dir. Deborah Copeland)

STUCCO, short, FAMU (dir. James Mehr)

VAMPIRE, short, FAMU (dir. Abbey Erickson)

VERNON, short, FAMU (dir. Michael Bozzo)

LOST, short, FAMU (dir. Michael Siu)

VLAKY, short, FAMU (dir. Simon Spidla)

BYT, short, FAMU (dir. Jan Busta)

IF, short, FAMU (dir. Hana Valentova)

COMENIUS REDIVIVUS, short, FAMU (dir. Hana Valentova)

FOSTER, short, FAMU (dir. Jared Perez)

THE STRANGLER FIG, short, FAMU (dir. Anar Shah)

BETRAYAL, short, FAMU (dir. Eric Swan)

TENNIS, short, FAMU (dir. Brian Rolling)

Commercials and music videos – for example Hanuta, Gambrinus, AUDI 1, AXA, Frigidaire